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1. Precast prestress hollow core from V-Con is a precast prestress slab have a hollow along the span whice suitable for building structure they have been widely used for flooring and roofing and oceasionally for panels and walls. Precast prestress follow slab from V-Con produce by high slump concrete to ensure that the concrete materials can be homogenous mass.
2. With the special technic and modern machine V-Con can produce a widely core in slab more than other system to produce precast prestress hollow slab , at this advantage can make the slab lighter and can save the cost of foundation and other structure. With you can check Load Table

V-Con hollow slab have a throughout smooth surface underneath In order to produce wall and panel many kinds of texture can make by V-Con.

For the used of V-Con hollow core slab for flooring may be unnecessary for concrete topping just grouting slot beside the slab after erection and over lay with carpet or other material for floor finishing it will save time, easy and salfety
V-Con have a erection crew with many kinds of erection equipments for service with long experices in erection.
3. Conspicuous qualifiation in sound and Temperature resistance V-Con hollow core slab produce with high strength concrete and have a core is widely slape so that large void help to reduce sound or hot and cold temperature trausfers.
4. Conspicuous qualification in fire resistance V-Con hollow core slab produce under the A.C.I.Code to control the thickness of concrete covering around the tendons , The specification for fire resistance more than two hours.
5. Usefulness of hollow in V-Con hollow core slabs

- The large side of hollow can used for electrical wiring , plumbing or air ventilation
- For the top and bottom flange thickness and drilling , opening and other various use.
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