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Knock down system Thai Modern Style House design

Teak wood has been renowned for centuries for its attractive appearance and ability to withstand either tropical Asian or temperate European and American climates. Teak wood combines these characteristics, a rich, satisfying appearance, and a toughness that is unmatched by any other hardwood, to be a solid choice for wood furniture, particularly for outdoor garden furniture and, in a different way, for indoor furniture.

With over 20 years of experience specializing in the resort business, we is the pioneer of the knock down system Thai Modern Style House design in the world. We are proud to bring out this unique and traditional Thai design to our customers. We preserve all the details and patterns of the traditional Thai house on our products. The traditional design has been retained as a concept. Utilizing advance technology from Germany, each step of its production process comes under the stringent supervision of a specialist team for product quality control and product quality assurance.

We selects only first grade raw materials and teak wood. Hence, our products are reliable because of our innovated prototypes, our constant commitment to selecting only the best material for production, our product testing, our product evaluation, and our R&D departments pursuit of quality and durability.


Knock down system Thai Modern Style House design

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