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satellite anti-theft system of Safety-Phone!

The Safety-Phone is a licensed anti-theft alarm system based on a new philosophy.

It uniquely combines the comfort ensured by mobile communication and the safety of the most up-to-date anti-theft technology.

The Safety-Phone alarm system provides around the clock mobile phone contact with the owner.
In case of attack it immediately sends an SMS and phone message - besides the traditional alarm signal - concerning the exact reason for the alarm.

In case of alarm the protected car can be tracked anywhere with the precision of 5-10 meters due to the co-operation of the GPS satellite surveillance service and the Police.
This function can be utilised in an outstanding way for logistics and fleet tracking as a service or with an installed dispatcher centre.


The GPS version of Safety-Phone provides its VIP clients with further services of convenience which realise the technology of the 21st century in transportation. It supplies a navigation system with the help of an on-board computer, therefore the driver can always locate the exact position of the vehicle. The actual position is indicated by a digital map.

Further fields of application of GPS satellite surveillance system involve fleet following and logistics. We undertake the settlement of surveillance centres or provision of surveillance as a service.

This service facilitates for you to control the movement of the car without necessitating the purchase of costly and complicated dispatcher centre or spending money on the employment of the stuff.

Our company makes possible for you to supervise the movement of your car round the clock, with optional frequency, with the help of a simple program, installed on you PC.

The essence of the service is that Safety-Phone sets send reports to our automatic dispatcher centre. You can decide on the frequency of reports. After processing, the incoming data is forwarded to the computer of Auto-Vizuál Ltd.(Hungary) (accessible on phone) which is available at any time. The safety of data is secured with user's name and password-protection.

The program facilitates the recall of formerly downloaded data according to various criteria. We provide our services especially on the area of Hungary but if demanded - without pushing up the service price - you can track your vehicles everywhere in Europe. The program includes those basic maps of good quality on which the movement of your vehicles is indicated.

We call your attention to the fact that further services are also available. If you wish to connect the car-following system with your current database or need a more detailed map, we are at your service and help to solve your problems.

We also provide the preparation of digital maps if demanded.

Phone and satellite-aided anti-theft alarm system
Safety-Phone : New vehicle logistic and property security system which use GPS technology with a fully functional control center

Safety-Phone is a patented anti-theft system based on a new philosophy. It prevents stealing even if the ignition key or the coded remote control is appropriated. The opening of door locks and the ignition of the engine is possible only after entering the PIN-code into the system.

In case of attack - besides the traditional alarm - it sends an SMS message to your mobile phone concerning the exact cause of the alarm, then calls you and informs acoustically, too. The reason for alarm can be door opening, lifting, window breaking, ignition attempts, crash etc.

The alarms and appeals sent from the car inform the owner in maximum three seconds that his/ her car is attacked. This uniquely short alarm period is one of the factors making Safety-Phone outstanding compared with traditional and other GPS vehicle protection systems.

It also facilitates hand-free phoning required by Code Civil of the Road Traffic, automatic reception of calls, redialing from memory and muting. We ensure telephone communication through a special modulphone, developed and produced for this aim by Ericsson.

Due to the module system Safety-Phone can be easily completed at installation or later with a GPS modul ensuring satellite protection, the precision of which is 5-10 meters.

The GPS provides 24-hour-satellite surveillance under the denomination of PANDANT, with the co-operation of Antenna Hungária Co. Ltd., National Central Police Station and Border Guards, for 15 USD per month.

Our clients are offered comprehensive insurance discount of 10-20-30 percent depending on the level of Safety-Phone equipment by Diamond System Ltd.., the main agency of AXA Colonia Biztosító Co. Ltd.

We also provide a nationwide installation network and round the clock telephone ASSISTANT service. The length of time of installation is one day. Each element of equipment is hidden and protected against sabotage. It can be installed into any type of vehicle, van, ship, and into house and summer cottage as well.


The characteristic logistic functions of Safety-Phone

1. Data storage in the memory of Safety-Phone (black box function).

During the movement of the car the Safety-Phone stores the following data in its memory of 512 kB capacity with the interval determined by the user (between 8 seconds and 10 minutes):
- GPS satellite data: date, time, speed, location co-ordinates.
- The car characteristics: ignition, door opening, internal space protection, lifting.
- Optionally fixed data: signing the fuel level (in litre), calculation of the distance covered, perception of crash or overturning, sensation of hanging the trailer off, registration of temperature of the refrigerator van, special sensors (e.g. pressure, electric lead seals), interpretation of the bar code, preparation and representation of statistics.
The adjustment of data storage is ordered from the operator platform of the user's computer.
The memory of 512 kB capacity - depending on the adjusting data - can be enough for storing the data of many months.
When the free memory capacity reduces to 20 per cent the Safety-Phone gives signal to the user asking to download data.

2. Sending data stored in the memory to the server computer of the dispatcher centre.

Data stored in the memory can be forwarded in DATA mode to the server computer of the dispatcher centre with the help of the industrial mobile phone hidden in the Safety-Phone. (The entire data stock can be downloaded with one call.)
Ericcson GM25 phone is needed to use DATA mode.

3. Continuous data forwarding to the server.

It is possible to send data - after every 5th data row - in an SMS message to the central server computer. This function operates separately from the data storage in the memory. The adjustment of the intervals of data forwarding is done from the operator platform of the user's computer.

4. Download of data to the user's computer

- The download of data from the central server computer takes place with an internet contact initiated from the operator platform of the user's computer through phone lines.
- Data from Safety-Phone can be downloaded to the user's computer through standard (RS 232) or infra connections (docking).

5. Downloading the current location of the vehicle in an SMS message.

In case the determination of the current location of the vehicle is necessary, it can be asked from the user's computer or any mobile phone suitable for sending SMS with the following SMS message:
ABC-123, GPS, POZ in which message ABC-123 is the registration number, GPS is a unique password for the vehicle, and POZ is the command to do.
The SMS message should be sent to the phone number of the service server. The SMS message arriving a few seconds later from the server computer contains the last actual location of the vehicle in the database, its distance from the nearest city or main route.

6. Functions which can be asked optionally:

route tracking, border tracking, message forwarding, autonomous navigation, mobile office, sending and receiving digital photos.

Car alarm & safety

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