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1. Precast prestress hollow core from V-Con is a precast prestress slab have a hollow along the span whice suitable for building structure they have been widely used for flooring and roofing and oceasionally for panels and walls. Precast prestress follow slab from V-Con produce by high slump concrete to ensure that the concrete materials can be homogenous mass.
Wood Table & Chair
Thai Style furniture collection
Thai style furniture
Thai Style furniture collection
Bed, Table & Chair, Cabinet, Garden & Outdoor
Knock Down Thai house style gazebo
Knock down system Thai Modern Style House design
Teak wood has been renowned for centuries for its attractive appearance and ability to withstand either tropical Asian or temperate European and American climates. Teak wood combines these characteristics, a rich, satisfying appearance, and a toughness that is unmatched by any other hardwood, to be a solid choice for wood furniture, particularly for outdoor garden furniture and, in a different way, for indoor furniture.
Vaccum Fried fruit & Vegetable chips
Instant noodles
Plus tea, eggplant BV-bvplus
One Dish Asia - ready to cook meal kits
Thai fruits
Microwavable Rice & Noodle
rice noodle
air condition with ozone remote control products

Furniture & Building

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